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However, the original game was played on a tablle

However, the original game was played on a table from 16th-century England. It was a favorite for young and old family members. As his popularity grew, he became a favorite of sailors, soldiers, and movie stars.

The first game of the table shuffleboard game was called "shrove groat" or "slide groat". The groat was a large British coin that was worth approximately four pence. Later, the grain became a penny of silver, and the name changed to "penny shoes" or "penny shovel." This was a game of chance, but it was determined to be a game of skill.

The modern version of the shuffleboard on a table uses heavy metal and plastic discs pushed by hand by a long, smooth wooden table in the scoring area. They keep the shuffleboard tables level, but the manufacturer can create a slight slope that adds challenge to the game. To reduce friction, shuffleboard tables are sprayed with small silicone beads similar to sand.

The challenge is to score. Each player in a one-on-one game receives four discs in an assigned color. Players take turns pushing their discs or "weights" across the table towards a scoring area. The key is to prevent your disk from falling and hitting the opposite discs on the board. If a disc does not pass the foul line closest to the player, they eliminate it from the round.

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